Useful information

What can be tank stripped?

Metals strip really well especially fireplaces, gates and ornate items such as the alkaline solution reaches the most intricate carved areas. Please note - it does not remove rust.

Pine strips great, doors chest of drawers, cupboards, chairs, window frames, stair spindles, banisters, skirting boards, architraves etc.

Beech strips really well, mainly used for chairs.

Oak, elm, walnut strip well but do tend to go slightly darker than the wood in it's natural state, but when sanded looks great.

Satin wood normally very good.

What can't be tank dipped?

Modern water based acrylic paint.

Modern acrylic primer, the topcoat of paint strips ok but the undercoat may have to be sanded off with a palm sander. We can hand strip at an additional cost.

Some modern acrylic and twin pack melamine based varnishes.

Aluminium alloys.

Ornate architectural mouldings made from plaster or guesso.

Chipboard and hardboard as these will disintegrate.

Furniture, metal & architectural artefacts

As we have mentioned in the home page, most old furniture has been made by professional craftsmen who take great pride in their work. Using the very latest power flo over technology combined with our own developed chemical we can strip most items including ply wood, veneer, pine, beech, oak, elm, walnut, mahogany, satin wood and most metals.

We can either dip or hand strip most architectural artefacts. To discuss any item you may have call paul on 07788 944482 for free friendly advice.